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Eating Psychology Coaching

If your why is strong enough it’s easy to navigate the how to your being so.


What is your relationship with food? Has food become your enemy?


 Are you challenged by any of these issues:
  • weight,
  • body image
  • overeating
  • binge eating
  • emotional eating
  • endless dieting
  • digestion
  • fatigue
  • immunity
  • mood and much more.

Disengage yourself from constant dieting, diet hopping, starving, feeling guilty, depressed, tired of counting calories and feeling hungry all the time.

Have you checked out of your own body?  When we check out, we disembody


Disengage yourself from constant dieting, diet hopping, starving, feeling guilty, feeling depressed, counting calories and feeling hungry all the time. 

Let me help you regain contact with your body so that you are able to access body wisdom, thereby empowering yourself to overcome any or all of the above challenges.



Embrace the journey!

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