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If you are here looking for a way to feel better in any area of your life, I applaud you for taking that first step!
 Perhaps you’re looking for something more in your life – you may be searching for a sense of wellness in some area of your life.
 Maybe you’re hoping to just feel physically or emotionally better.
 If so, know that I’ve been where you are, and hope is very powerful.
Know, also, that wellness in any area of your life is attainable,
and as a wellness coach, I am here to help you do that.

This is my story:

In 1998, my daughter became ill, and our family went through a life-changing crisis. As a professional nurse, I sprang into action, and as a family, we did everything possible to help her healing. Thankfully, she is now in perfect health. I also learned many lessons on this journey:
•Illness is not just about the physical – it is also about how you feel emotionally and mentally.
•It affects the whole family, not just the patient.
•Every member of the family needs to find a way to cope and deal with the extreme stress while still doing what needs to be done. Sometimes that can be overwhelming.
The most important thing when you’re going through a challenge, is to take care of YOU!
You matter!
When you feel good, you’re able to give the best of yourself to others.


Even if you feel so bad that you don’t think it’s possible to feel better,
I’m here to tell you that you CAN feel better!


You CAN move from what feels like Hellth to a position of Wellth

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