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Radiance Therapy

Coherent Multi-radiance Therapy

This is an in-person treatment. Treatment is delivered by using  the Delta low level laser device.

coMra is a patented combination that includes the proven pain-relieving abilities of low- level (or cold) laser technology, colour LEDs, magnetism and low-intensity ultrasound for faster, more extensive healing and pain-relieving effects. The Delta Laser penetrates and acts on the body’s cells to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and regenerate tissue; including nerves that have been damaged.


The many applications include:

  • Relief from various types of pain – acute and chronic
  • Relief from acne and tissue damage
  • Improved wound healing
  • Regeneration of muscle, bone and skin
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduction in oedema, cell  toxins, hypoxia and other stress factors
  • Stimulation of immune and other cells, including MAST cells
  • Tissue regeneration, including nerve tissue
  • Increase in microcirculation and promotion of new blood vessels
  • Rejuvenation of aging skin


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This is an in-person program and cannot be done over Skype.

To book an appointment, contact Rashida.


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